A Day In The Life Of A Drone Pilot – DJI Inspire Aerial Photography


The past few days i have been helping my friend Lee Ballard of Anwick Photography on a commercial photography assignment. I was able to grab some bts footage, so i thought i would share a little of what we got up to… we were working honest lol 😉

It was interesting to follow along and help my friend Lee and see that drones do have some really useful applications other than just to add cinematic effect in YouTube videos. Lee being a fully licensed drone pilot, gets clients needing shots that would be impossible to get without booking an expensive option like a helicopter.

I didn't show too much in this video, but doing it commercially there is lots of paperwork and red tape to deal, but it was great to get a little insight into it.

I think at some point it would be great to get a drone for when i venture to places, not only do you get great footage, but it was fantastic seeing the area from a different perspective and would also be a great tool to quickly scout a location to find interesting places to shoot. The Dji Inspire is a beast of a drone.


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