Alligator trys to ATTACK drone!! Video 1


Drone attack attempt by alligator. This is a funny comedy video on more than one level. The alligator is trying to attack the drone. At around 1.26. The mom is telling the child to pull his pants up. This is a funny family kid video. I personally did not film this video. Someone else filmed it. The wild animal alligator really did not seem to like the drone and/or maybe was hungry. The alligator tried to bite the gy The alligator tried to bite the drone. The drone is a Dji mavic pro platinum drone. This is a great nature video of seeing a animal in the wild. I Kendall Todd like this video and think it is a funny animal video, and more. Please tell me if you like drone videos. The alligator seemed to be following the drone. It was nice to see the alligator attack drone attempt. Thank you for watching, please like comment and subscribe. I love you! God loves you.


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