Amazon gets rights for delivery drones that capture video of homes and recommend purchases


by: KIRO 7 News Staff

Amazon could possibly develop technology that would allow a drone to capture video of a house and make purchase suggestions to customers, according to a patent the Seattle-based company was granted.

The United States Patent and Trademarks Office on Tuesday approved the patent, which looks at “trigger agents” in video streams. According to an abstract in the document obtained by KIRO 7 News, a drone would record data while deliver an item, and then make a recommendation based on that data. The video camera would use image and video recognize “anomalies” and “inconsistencies.”

Puget Sound Business Journal reports customers would need to authorize the video recording. But that the company believes this technology could provide a useful service. The patent gave an example of the drone camera finding issues on a house, such as something warranting a roof repair.



The customer would receive an alert and direct to a nearby technician. Here is what’s noted in the patent:

“For example, the one or more service provider computers may analyze the data and identify that the roof of the location is in disrepair and in need of service. Subsequently, the one or more service provider computers may generate and provide a recommendation to the customer informing them of the identified property and offering an item or service that is appropriate for the identified property (e.g., a roof repair service recommendation).”

But just because Amazon filed the patent doesn’t mean it’ll become reality.

Amazon has filed several patents regarding drone delivery. Some of the most notable ideas revolve around fulfillment centers; the company has dreamed about flying blimp warehouses and using a beehive-like tower.  

Amazon made its first-ever customer delivery with a drone last year. A fully autonomous drone flew 13 minutes to deliver the service’s first package, weighing 4.7 pounds, to a British man near Cambridge in the United Kingdom’s countryside. He ordered a Fire TV and a bag of popcorn.



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