Drones For Surveillance


Drones For Surveillance

The new drones on the market are affordable, shoot high resolution 4k video, and are fairly easy to fly. The challenge is how can they be used for surveillance.

As the operator of a Private Investigation firm and a licensed Private Investigator there are some serious implications as far as invasion of privacy when it comes to using drones. The other drawback is that most of the drones on the market are fairly loud, have limited flight times (30 minutes per battery) and the cameras don't have zoom capabilities which you would need to positively identify your target from high altitudes.

Drones can be useful for obtaining surveillance footage of buildings, houses and land following natural disasters. The information obtained from a drone following a natural disaster (Tsunami, Hurricane or Fire) can be very useful to insurance companies and claims teams as they assess damage.

This video was shot with a couple of popular drones offer by http:///www.DJI.com.

Phantom 3 Pro

Spark w/fly more package


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