Holystone HS110W FPV Drone Review with First Timer and Builtin 720p HD Camera


This is the Holystone HS110W FPV drone. It features a quadrocopter design with builtin 720p camera. As far as flying goes the controls are very touch sensitive and with just one flick of the switch you could have it soaring to unreachable heights and distances, so make sure for first time flyers to fly in a wide open area to avoid any collisions with objects or people. Ive noticed when playing with it a couple times that the controls are reversed and I'm not sure if i set it that way or how the drone flys but just keep that in mind when trying to make a sharp turn or having it return safely without getting stuck in a tree. The camera quality is pretty amazing considering the camera is attached directly to the drone to improve the stability instead of being attached to a gamble that might cause some shakiness. One of the best features i love is the fact that you have an auto take off and auto landing that works flawlessly, however the auto comeback doesn't work all the way, as it seems to only respond a certain distance away even though you can still control the drone at much further distances.




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