Parrot Mini Drone Airborne Short Review


This is Short Review Showing a Parrot Mini Drone Airborne Night – Blaze Flight & Short Specification….

Thanks to their powerful white LED lights activated from the FreeFlight app, the Parrot Mini drone Airborne Night – Blaze can explore even in the shadows of darkness. During night patrols, you can modify the intensity of their headlights and, same as for their terrestrial counterpart, you can send signals! They can explore areas that are dim and only accessible by air.

The Parrot Airborne have remarkable flight stability and utilize technologies usually dedicated to larger drones.

Maximum speed: 11 mph
The ‘Airborne’ can do high-speed flights: they rush up to 11 mph, turn right, turn left and perform flips with amazing fluidity and stability. A ‘swipe’ on the piloting screen and the Parrot ‘Airborne’ turn 90 or 180 degrees in a flash.

Battery life: 8-10 minutes without Hull -Fast charging in 30 minutes(with a 2A charger)


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