RCedit it – Drone Aerials: Great Dutch Landscape


Click to Subscribe! ►http://bit.ly/1Bec8RA – AWESOME! The Electric Q-500 Typhoon CGO2GB from Yuneec is a ” aerial /photography” drone.

Recording the Dutch landscape with my drone, recorded in the spring season. In loving memory of my mother, and dedicated to my girlfriend.

Drone used: Yuneec Q-500 C2G2gb with a 12MP 1080p 60fps HD gimbal.

Yuneec Q-500 Typhoon – CGO2GB – INFO – http://store.yuneec.com/us/q500-typhoon.html

Check out the Yuneec Website for more details, discover RC fun for yourself!


Where I get my RC's: www.toprc.nl/

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