San Rafael Swell — 4K Drone Video


About 16 miles west of Green River Utah, along I-70, we come to the first stop in my upcoming video series along I-70 — the San Rafael Swell View Area. This area is accessed from the west bound side of I-70 and includes a paved parking area as well as a dry rest room.

The stretch or road west of Green River and east of Salina has some of the most amazing scenery and is very easy to access with numerous parking places at the more interesting places. Some of these places can be accessed from either direction with an overpass to permit crossing the road while other places can only be accessed in the easterly or westerly direction though you can usually find an exit that allows you to cross over a few miles one way or the other.

Like many places in the desert southwest you can see much more of the area if you have a Jeep or other vehicle with high ground clearance and 4WD. Many people spends days or weeks camping in these places. I don't know that I'd recommend doing so in the summer as it can get well above 100F (38C) during the summer. I shot this video in mid February and there were people camped near the base of the ridgeline.


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