Syma X21 Review – Absolute Beginner’s Dream Drone.


If you have never flown a quad before there's a few things that stand in the way of enjoyment and progress to that first sustained hover and then further into coordinated turns and smooth circuits. The first is simply throttle control as this must be constantly adjusted without moving the yaw or orientation is lost. Only once the ceiling and floor are easily avoided with nose pointing forwards is this usually possible and cyclic controls can be added.
The X21 will not only perform an auto take off with a single button press, it will hold it's own height allowing you concentrate on other controls. If that is still a touch to difficult at first, it can be put into headless mode so orientation problems. Once trimmed for level flight it's about as hands off as any quad I have flown that doesn't have a GPS to hold it from drifting away. When done, that auto take off button will auto land it. There's a bunch of quads that offer these features but I have not flown any that managed it as well as the last 2 Syma quads on this channel and the X21 does it for under £20. It's harder to remember what all the buttons and features do than it is to fly it, only a GPS based quad could be easier to keep in the air.
It's not useless once hovering inside is achieved with ease either as it's capable of flying silky smooth circuits and will still hold it height in the fastest rates at full pitch. Yaw is smooth and as responsive as is needed for the fastest rates. I consider myself well beyond new pilot but I still enjoyed flying the X21 and it will absolutely be the quad I continue to give to totally new pilots to fly with confidence they will have a positive and enjoyable experience. Especially the bit where they ask how much it costs to get one of their own. It packs a lot of value into a package that's robust enough to take the tumbles and scrapes a new pilot will put it through while having the finesse to fly accurately and smoothly.

The only thing I did not like was the proprietary lipo connector which I swapped out after the first flight and the only thing I would like added is to be able to be able turn the barometer off and fly in rate mode with no self level – both of which are free to implement with no other parts. Add some 8mm motors so it can Carry camera with ease and you have as close to a perfect first quad I can imagine.
5.8ghz 30fps wide camera version please Syma!

Gran one here and learn to fly safely

Syma X8HW – larger more wind capable drone with a similar feature set. Flies very well but no auto take off and landing.

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