The concept Pop.Up Next of Airbus and Audi is part drone and part car without driver.


The concept Pop.Up Next of Airbus and Audi is part drone and part car without driver.

Airbus has combined its aerial skills with the land vehicle knowledge of Italdesign and Audi to produce a bold mobility concept called Pop.Up Next. As a successor to the original Pop.Up concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year, the two-seat travel solution displayed at this year's show can drive autonomously on the highway and rise vertically, seeking to overcome the city traffic.

In the Pop.Up Next you will find a simple cabin for two passengers that can travel in two ways. The simplest and most conventional route is to connect a 60 kW electric sled and assume the role of a car without a driver. The maximum speed is listed at 100 km / h and would depend on a 15 kWh battery for a range of 130 km.  The air module can fly 50 km with each charge of its 70 kWh battery, using eight electric motors to pass over the cities at 540 km / h. It includes a 49-inch touch screen that incorporates visual recognition of speech and face, along with redesigned seats that use a combination of aluminum frames and ultralight meshes to keep weight down. The designers say that Pop.Up Next weighs much less than the 2017 version.

They have reworked the aerodynamics and the rotor ducts to improve performance and energy consumption, and have integrated a new titanium locking mechanism to couple and uncouple the modules. Ultimately, these would be identical for the ground and air modules, using onboard sensors during the approach to align three coupling points, although the finer details of this remain a work in progress. The Pop.Up Next certainly looks quite interesting in terms of transport concepts, Airbus has been very active in the space of unmanned passenger planes, recently conducted a flight test in a full-scale version of its flying taxi Vahana, and Autonomous driving technologies continue to advance by leaps and bounds.


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